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VitalZing Soda Drops Set Of Three Bottle's


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VitalZing Soda Drops Set Of Three Bottle's

Vital Zing Soda Drops are flavour enhancers that DON'T contain sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients or colouring. Made specifically for carbonated/soda/sparkling water replicating all our favourite soda drinks WITHOUT the unnecessary ingredients. We only use natural ingredients! With a long shelf life, 27 servings per bottle and no refrigeration needed Vital Zing Soda Drops are portable, convenient versatile and cost effective. Just add 30 drops to a glass of soda/sparkling water and you instantly have an incredible guilt free flavoured fizzy drink. The idea is to help all of those addicted to soda drinks transition away from the unhealthy sugar and preservative laden drinks that have saturated the drinks industry for decades and provide a healthier options for those that like some of the simplier pleasures in life..


(When made as recommended)
Servings per pack : 27
Serving size : 200ml (30 drops or 1.5ml per 200ml of fizzy/carbonated/soda/sparkling water, adjust to taste)

Energy - 16kJ
4 Cal
Protein - 0g
Fat total - 0g
- saturated - 0g
Carbohydrates - 0.2g
- sugars 0g
Dietary Fibre - 0g
Sodium - 0mg

Water, Natural Acidity Regulator, Natural Flavour Natural Sweetener (Stevia/SteviolGlycosides)