NZ Protein's Rocky Road Bar

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NZ Protein Rocky Road Bar

  • It's rocky road and it's high in protein - what more needs to be said?

    NZProtein's Rocky Road combines our protein chocolate and our protein marshmallows with almonds in one big slice.

    It's not only high in protein - it's also low in carbohydrates and sugars, and is one of our finest creations!

  • Serving Size: 75g
    Servings per pack: 2

    Name Ave Quantity Per Serving Ave Quantity Per 100g
    Energy 1345kJ 1794kJ
    Calories 321 428
    Protein 19.6g 26.1g
           - Gluten 0g 0g
    Fat - total 19.8g 26.4g
           - Saturated 10.4g 13.8g
    Carbohydrate 4.1g 5.5g
           - Sugars 0.6g 0.8g
           - Fibre 1g 1.3g
    Sodium 80mg 106mg

    Ingredients: Chocolate: [Cocoa Solids (65%), Hydrolysed Collagen, Xylitol, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin, 476), Flavour, Sweetener (Sucralose)]. Marshmallow: [Xylitol, Hydrolysed Collagen, Glycerol, Gelatine, Natural Colour (Beetroot), Flavour, Xantham Gum, Sweetener (Sucralose). Set on corn starch]. Almonds, coconut oil.
    Contains tree nuts. May contain milk. Excess consumption may have a laxative effect.
    Best kept refrigerated.