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Nothing Naughty Vanilla Fibre 4 Prebiotic - 750g Jar

Nothing Naughty

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Nothing Naughty Vanilla Fibre 4 Prebiotic - 750g Jar

Lowers sugar and fat uptake.


Fibre 4 is a plant-based supplement that contains a superblend of prebiotic fibre, seaweed, and plant-extracts to support weight loss, suppress hunger, and promote intestinal wellbeing.

Please note: Due to the high fibre content of this powder you may wish to start with a smaller serving size (5g-10g) and gradually increase over 1-2 weeks to build tolerance.

Not suitable for women that are pregnant or breastfeeding due to the laxative effects.


VANILLA Ingredients: Chicory root fibre (50.5%), dietary fibre (25.3%), FOS (15.2%), sodium alganate (brown seaweed), acacia gum, garcinia cambogia extract, natural vanilla flavour, katmfe fruit extract (thaumatain).