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Melrose MCT Oil - 500ml

mct oil

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Melrose MCT Oil - 500ml 

This has a great taste, never oily and gets your brain going in the morning, well at any time actually. It's due to the Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) in oil form that enhances Ketone production, allowing the body to produce energy from fats rather than from sugar and carbohydrates, which is what Keto is all about.

Why is MCT the top source of healthy fats? 
Medium-chain fats are digested easily and sent directly to your liver, where they have a thermogenic effect and the ability to positively alter (a.k.a. "boost") your metabolism. MCTs are burned by the body for energy, or “fuel,” instead of being stored as body fat.

How to use: 
Start with 1/4 teaspoon per day, after a week slowly increase serve by 1/2 teaspoons. Maximum daily dose is 2 Tablespoons.  
In addition to dosing into your coffee, fat bombs, or chocolate, this is perfect to use in high heat cooking due to it
s high smoke point. MCT oil can be used for the most part in baked goods, sautés, stir-fries and grilled foods without oxidizing.

Melrose MCTs are derived from organic coconut oil in the Philippines, come from sustainable farms and are free of palm oil. 100% Organic.

100% Medium Chain Triglycerides derived from Coconut Oil with Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10) fatty acids.