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Justine's Keto Double Choc Crunch Cookie 40g

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Justine's Keto Double Choc Crunch Cookie

Treat your senses to a truly decadent experience with our luscious Ketolicious Double Chocolate Crunch Cookie! This is where your chocolate cravings meet guilt-free indulgence. Our artisanal masterpiece is flawlessly sweetened with erythritol and handcrafted from the finest ground almond meal, making it the perfect companion on your keto journey.

Each bite of this cookie unleashes an explosion of pure, unadulterated chocolate pleasure. Not only does it tantalize your taste buds, but it also fortifies your daily fibre intake, boasting an impressive 27% in every serving. And the best part? It's incredibly low in carbs, with just 1.9 grams per serving.

Our Double Chocolate Crunch Cookie is your essential choice for guilt-free keto snacking. It doesn't just cater to a range of dietary needs by being free from wheat, gluten, egg, and dairy, but it's also lovingly crafted with natural flavours to delight all taste preferences. Whether you're seeking a quick on-the-go pick-me-up or a luxurious treat, this versatile cookie is your delectable solution.

Slip it into your lunchbox or handbag for an easy, convenient snack. Elevate your dessert game by pairing it with your favourite ice cream for an indulgence that knows no bounds. And for the dunking enthusiasts, it's the perfect partner for your beloved beverages.

Embark on a journey of ultimate chocolatey satisfaction without sacrificing your dietary goals. Rediscover the true essence of keto delight – this is how keto was meant to be experienced!

● Ultra Low-Carb
● High Fibre
● Keto Friendly
● Dairy Free

● Made With Pure Almond Meal & No Wheat Flour Used
● No Added Sugar
● Made In New Zealand