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Justines Easy Scone Mix

Justine Cookies

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Justines Easy Scone Mix

If you are a fan of scones and have been missing since starting a keto lifestyle, Justine’s Easy as Keto Scone Mix will be your new go to Keto Scone!
We all love scones, especially fresh out of the oven & slathered with butter or jam and cream. They are a much-loved British component of any high or Devonshire teas, often served for afternoon tea.
However, as delicious as they are, they are heavy on the carbs too, averaging about 20g plus of carbs per serve, which when following a keto or low carb lifestyle is a no no!
But you love scones but don’t want to load up on 20 odd grams of carbs for just one scone. Plus, why should you miss out?
Well, here the team at Justine’s have created an easy as, quick to throw together Keto Scone mix which will have all your scone cravings solved. Ready in a flash in 20 minutes, with only a couple of ingredients needed & with simple instructions to follow, it's your dream come true! Justine’s Keto Easy As Scone mix will become your go to keto scone as you can prepare them for yourself, for unexpected guests, for a keto high tea with friends or family, a quick dessert or whatever takes your fancy!
Our Easy As Keto Scone Mix will give you a slight dense yet filling scone & we have not made it too sweet too, so you can add in or create your own savoury style keto scone by adding in some grated cheese, herbs, spices or whatever your savoury craving fancies in the mix or even by simply serving the plain scone mix with melted cheese and ham on top. Sweet or savoury version is your choice
Our mix is made with no wheat or gluten, just the finest of almond meal & coconut flour is used. Plus, the best part is each scone will deliver you only 2.6 g carbs per serve & made with only the finest of natural ingredients!
You will be in keto scone heaven fresh & warm out of the oven & waiting for you to slather them with butter or with your fav keto jam & a dollop of whipped cream!
This scone mix makes 4 scones that when cooked weighs 53g.