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Justine's Keto Ginger Crunch Cookie 40g

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Justine's Keto Ginger Crunch Cookie

Discover guilt-free indulgence with Justine's Keto Ginger Crunch Cookie – the perfect, no added sugar, super low-carb Gingernut alternative for dunking into your favorite hot or cold beverages.
These cookies deliver an irresistible crunch and a burst of gingery spice that will truly tantalize your taste buds. Plus, they're a dream come true for anyone with allergies, as they're completely free from wheat, gluten, egg, and dairy. Tailored for the keto lifestyle, each cookie contains a mere 2 grams of carbs.
But that's not all! Beyond being delicious, they're incredibly wholesome, & made with natural flavours. Impressively, they offer a remarkable 29% daily intake of fibre. Sweetened naturally with erythritol and crafted from the finest ground almond meal, these cookies are the guilt-free keto snack you've been searching for.
So, why wait? Dive into these delightful cookies, and you'll love them as much as we do. Perfect for tucking into lunch boxes or slipping into your handbag for those inevitable snack attacks. Justine's Keto Ginger Crunch Cookies are the ultimate guilt-free indulgence in every bite.

● Ultra Low-Carb
● High Fibre
● Keto Friendly
● Dairy Free

● Made With Pure Almond Meal & No Wheat Flour Used
● No Added Sugar
● Made In New Zealand