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Glam Food Gift Set Two

Glam Foods

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Glam Food Gift Set Two

Glam Food's Tomato Salsa is a low-cal, low-sugar, low-carb, lightly-spiced relish. Tomatoes, apples, capsicum, onion and organic cider vinegar work in perfect harmony to create this versatile pantry staple. Use it as a dip, pizza base topping, with crackers, tacos... even a seedy bagel with cream cheese. Yum with everything!

Glam Food Kapiti's Curried Bean Relish will be fam-tastic with its yummy cauliflower-bean combo, middling spicy-ness, plus accents of turmeric, mustard, and nigella seed. It's even got a zesty apple cider vinegar tang, making it perfect for curry sides, cheese and crackers, or just... you know, the table. Enjoy!

STORAGE: Use before BB4 date and keep in fridge after opening