Quest Protein Bar Birthday Cake


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Quest Protein Bar Birthday Cake

  • These crowd-pleasing protein bars are mega macro-friendly, with approx 20g of quality protein in each bar, certified gluten-free, low in carbs and sugar, with added dietary fibre and without artificial fillers or flavours - Quest Bars are in a league of their own.

    Quest bars include dairy-based protein to provide your body with all nine of the essential amino acids it needs for optimum recovery and repair post-workout, and to keep your body functioning effectively and efficiently throughout the day. 

    Are quest protein bars good for you?

    Quest Nutrition is one of the best on the market - most other protein bars are considered glorified candy bars by nutritional experts because they're filled with loads of artificial fillers, sugar and junk ingredients.

    Most supplementary sports food brands use gelatin as a filling ingredient, to give the illusion of a higher protein count - but unfortunately, gelatin has very little use or benefit to the body.

    Quest Nutrition Protein Bars are unique because they have a higher degree of bioavailable protein (it's easily absorbed by the intestines and can be used efficiently by the bodies cells and tissues) which means you'll not only get a decent a protein source from these great-tasting bars, but you'll also get more biological benefits from Quest Nutrition Protein Bars compared to most others on the market.

    Quest Nutrition constantly searches for new, cutting-edge ingredients which offer the most metabolic advantage (advantage to the bodies functions, specifically relating to the breakdown of food for energy). So you can rest assured, Quest Nutrition is constantly updating their products and formulas with the latest scientific research, to give you a protein blend with the best end-result as possible.

    All products developed by Quest Nutrition are made with low-calorie sweeteners and natural flavours that won't spike your blood sugar levels - which means less lethargy after eating and prolonged fullness, for appetite control.

    Quest Nutrition also uses FDA (Food and Drug Association) approved dietary fibre in each bar. Dietary fibre has a whole range of benefits for the digestive system, especially if you suffer from IBS or other related issues.