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NZ Protein's Pineapple Jelly

NZ Protein

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NZ Protein's Pineapple Jelly

High Protein Supplement

The most notable benefit of NZProtein jelly is its high protein content.

Most supermarket jellies contain less than one gram of protein per serving. Ours contains a whopping 21.7 grams.

Why does this matter? Because protein is an essential part of our diet. Inadequate protein intake means we will not feel satiated after eating.

It has been studied that women especially experience increased satiety when eating a high protein diet. Protein is vital if your goal is to build or retain muscle.

Specifically, 20-25 grams of protein after a workout is the required amount to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

NZProtein jelly is made from collagen peptides and gelatin. Although it is not suitable for vegans, everyone else can benefit a lot from collagen consumption.

Not only is it high protein but collagen may also benefit bone and joint health.

Basically this dessert is perfect for those in a calorie deficit, those trying to put on muscle and anyone who wants to preserve their bones and joints.


You could enjoy the NZProtein jelly by itself or add it to another recipe. If you wish to add some more vitamins to your NZProtein jelly dessert you could add sliced fruit into the bowl before letting it set.

Another funky idea would be to create a jelly cheesecake slice. You would do this by first making your cheesecake, then pouring NZProtein jelly mix on top and letting it set in the fridge.

Macro Friendly

With only 93 calories per packet, NZProtein jelly will easily fit your macros. Additionally it is low in carbohydrates, fats and sugar.

The average New Zealander consumes 57 grams of sugar per day. Although sugar tastes good, it confers no nutritional benefits and is unnecessarily incorporated into many of our every day foods.

NZProtein jelly contains less than one gram of sugar per serve. This means it is ideal for diabetics, those on low carbohydrate diets and the general population.