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Justine's Keto Fruit Cake Mix

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Justine's Keto Fruit Cake Mix

Do you want an easy, quick, no fuss & time saving low-carb Keto Fruit cake all year round & not just at Christmas?

Something that doesn’t require a long list of ingredients, only using a few ingredients to throw a gorgeous Keto Fruit Cake together?

And you just don’t have the time & are too busy. Well, the team at Justine’s had you in mind when creating this luscious quick & Easy Keto Fruit Cake Mix.

So you can enjoy making a quick easy to follow recipe & have your Keto Fruit Cake & eat it too. Perfect for that guilt-free indulgence.

Our Baking mix will make 1 cake that serves approx. 16 x 50g slices that deliver you only 4.6 carbs per slice when made to our recipe. There are also just 4.4g of carbs per 100g dry mix. This luscious cake mix is made with pure almond meal, no wheat or gluten is used. It is also naturally sweetened with erythritol & as always, contains only natural ingredients.

Depending on your carb requirements you will find a few simple options we have created in the recipe instructions. All are simple as to follow. We are sure you will love this beautiful Keto Fruit Cake that can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Adding almond essence extract gives this cake a special  touch. 

All are simple as to follow.

Values are as per Dry Mix. Per Pack 273.12g Total weight
Makes 1 Cake which serves 16 slices approx 50g Each
●High in Protein
●Made with Pure almond meal, no wheat or gluten is used
●No added sugar
●Made in New Zealand

Macros Per 100g Dry Mix
●Protein: 15.7g
●Fat: 36.8 g
●Carbohydrate:4.4 g
●Fibre: 8.6 g
●Sugars 2.6g