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Allulose is a rare natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables.

It is a simple sugar that we as humans lack the ability to digest. It is absorbed by the small intestine but not metabolized by the body making it nearly calorie free. This gives it a glycemic index of zero which doesn’t impact blood sugar levels. Studies actually show that when it is included in a meal containing carbohydrates that it may improve glucose intolerance and insulin sensitivity. This makes it an ideal sweetener for anyone following a ketogenic or low cab diet, as well as many weight loss regimes.

As you don’t digest Allulose, it is largely excreted in the urine meaning there is very little colonic microbial fermentability so it has low no unpleasant GI effects.


  • Glycemic index of Zero – does not affect blood glucose or insulin
  • Ideal for ketogenic or low carb diets
  • 90% fewer calories than sugar
  • Weight management support
  • 1 to 1 ratio for easy conversion in baking
  • Tastes like sugar

Dose as required 1 teaspoon = 4 gms

Net weight 400 grams