Crisp Cafe Allulose 500 gram


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Crisp Cafe Allulose 500 gram

Allulose is a naturally occurring, low calorie sugar that metabolises differently to normal sugar, therefore does not raise blood sugar levels. It tastes and performs just like sugar, browning and caramelising, and has a great mouth feel.

Serving per Package 125

Serving Size 4g

Average Values Per 4G Per 100g

Energy                   53kj         1330kj

Protein                  0g               0g

Gluten                   0g               0g

Fat,Total                 0g              0g

Saturated               0g              0g

Carbohydrate         3.11g         77.8g

-Sugars                   2.79g          69.8g

-Allulose                 2.79g           69.8g

Dietary Fibre           0g                  0g

Sodium                   0mg                0mg